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A wall of faces engulf me as I enter the heart of istanbul’s Beyoglu area, whose street Istiklal Caddisi is the pedestrian artery of the city. Istanbul, a city known for its rich and layered history, has been designated the 2010 European Union Capital of Culture.

The crowded streets, the sweet aroma of hookah smoke wafting in the air, the crackle of backgammon dice hitting the board, little children with rusty scales telling your weight for a few coins, and  bright red trams filled with people leave a powerful first impression.

I’m staying at Entes Apart Hotel, conveniently located in the Beyoglu neighborhood and close to all of the activity. It turns out to be even better than I expect, with an intimate view of the street life below. After briefly settling in, I go ¬†outside to continue exploring more of the main square. As a tourist, I quickly discover a range of music and trendy clothing shops, cafes, book stores, vendors selling exotic foods and sweets everywhere.

Just off the main strip are several smaller streets, cobble stoned and lined with tables and red patterned cushions helping to establish an eastern atmosphere. I notice cool mists of water keeping people cool in the midst of the hot summer day.

At night, the streets are packed with even more people and it feels like the entire city is outside. Along Istiklal Cadisi are a broad range of restaurants.

One of my favorite places to visit was French Street, lined with beautiful lampposts and colorful neon lights above the restaurants.

After exploring Taksim Square, I take the metro to the Sultanamhet neighborhood and toured some of main historical sites such as Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Tokapi Palace.

After my visit there is no question in my mind why Istanbul has been considered by many world travelers as one of the most inspiring cities in the world. – Will Bradford

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  1. sandra

    hey son looks like u are having a ball!!! miss you…see u soon

  2. Shweta Suratkar

    Great description. Know exactly what to do in the city, if I ever visit it..

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