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This week the World Expo is taking place in Shanghai, China. Its a razzle dazzle exposition of culture, technology, and commerce. With 70 million visitors, 50 organizations, and state leaders from around the world expected to attend, it will be the largest World Expo in history. China has spent $58 billion, more than twice as much than it did on the Olympic Games, in an effort to raise the global profile of the event and strengthen ties with other countries. Despite current economic woes, many countries have invested record amounts on creating a presence at the Expo, by constructing elaborate pavilions and presentations.

The most visually striking structure at the World Expo is probably the British pavilion, which has been dubbed the “Seed Cathedral”. It was designed by Thomas Heatherwick for a price tag of $42 million dollars, and is so innovative that it doesn’t resemble any building you have ever seen before. The structure is composed of 60,000 acrylic rods which protrude in all directions to form a shape reminiscent of a pincushion or hedgehog. The whole structure even rests on these rods, giving the impression that it’s floating above the surrounding plaza. The length of the rods makes them flexible so that they even sway in the wind. The rods have a different seed encased at each tip, representing the mission of Britain’s Millennium Seed bank, which aims to collect the seeds of all the world’s wild plant species. In addition to the seeds, both ends of each rod also contain an embedded LED, which enables the structure to display images across its entire facade. The tip of each rod seen from the inside of the structure can display images as well. This creates an interior theater that completely surrounds the visitor with visual presentations.

The overall theme of this World Expo is “Better City, Better Life“; in recent years, China has experienced strong economic growth and large numbers of migrants moving to cities like Shanghai at a rapid pace. Other cities around the world are also facing the challenges that come with such a large population shift to urban centers, and the Expo will highlight their efforts to reach sustainability for the 21st century. – Will Bradford

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  1. CP

    On the other hand, the United States pavilion is an embarrassment that looks like an ugly airplane hangar…or the butt-end of a tacky shopping mall. Nearly all of the other countries managed to pull together something exciting. I would love to attend this World Expo.

  2. Erika Lloyd

    I can’t believe this place is real!!! I feel like the Pavilion is 50 years ahead of its time. Great article!

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