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Istanbul…the name conjures images of an exotic eastern metropolis. This city sizzles with modern flair but has roots stretching deep into a glorious past. Istanbul has been named the European Capital of Culture For 2010.

Restoration is almost complete on one of Istanbul’s most famous cultural attractions, the Hagia Sophia. It’s a world treasure, one of the oldest and biggest churches in Christendom. In fact, it was the largest enclosed space until Saint Peters in Rome was completed centuries later.

No longer a church or a mosque, Hagia Sophia is now a museum. The restoration work filled it with scaffolding for over 20 years. But now the scaffolding is finally being removed to reveal Hagia Sophia’s full glory.

Over 600 square meters of golden mosaics have been restored and look better than ever. For the first time in centuries, angels faces have been uncovered from the medallions that had been painted over them.

Whether you’re religious or not, entering Hagia Sophia is an awe inspiring experience.

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  1. Rania Karageorgiou

    wonderful work…keep going!!! :D

  2. George Klimantis

    twra na tous feroumai edo sto sklipio gia thn eklisia mas.

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