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This dynamic city, with its avant garde music and art scene, is a magnet for celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, who have made Berlin their home away from home. Many fashion designers, graphic artists, and musicians have also chosen Berlin as the place to showcase their work. This cross-pollination of creative types has made Berlin a truly international and cosmopolitan city. For travelers seeking a dose of history and culture, Berlin will deliver. The vibrant scene that’s been taking hold ever since the Wall came down is making Berlin one of the most talked about destinations in Europe.

The street life in Berlin is wonderfully teeming with creative energy. In every direction there are shops, cafes, restaurants and parks for relaxing. A walk or bike ride around town reveals the unique qualities of the various districts. Potsdamer Platz, a main square in Berlin, is where you can find futuristic architecture, a large shopping center and a spectacle of lights when night falls. Mitte is the hip and upscale fashion district where artists and writers converge. The neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neuk├Âlln, where immigrant populations first settle upon arrival, have a gritty appeal reminiscent of New York’s East Village before it became so gentrified.

Visitors can look forward to an incredibly dynamic nightlife in Berlin. Locals can be found enjoying all genres of music in various clubs playing anything from rock-n-roll to dance music. In fact, the club culture is so vast you can find a range of parties on any night of the week. Popular clubs such as Watergate, Tresor, Cookies and Berghain feature indie bands playing to a packed crowd every night.

Another thing delighting visitors to Berlin is the low cost of living compared to most European cities. It’s possible to eat delicious food and stay in comfortable accommodations for a modest price, but who knows how long this will last, so intrepid travelers are heading to Berlin before prices inevitably rise to the levels of cities like Paris or London.

Decades after the Berlin Wall fell and ended the separation of East and West, the city is still in a glorious state of transition. Economic development has resulted from artists and entrepreneurs breathing new life into the city. Thankfully, Berlin hasn’t yet suffered from the inflated rents and lack of excitement that excessive gentrification can bring. Instead, Berlin still feels like a work in progress, with lots of loose ends to keep things edgy. – Will Bradford

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    excellent writing/post — amazing flow — each word jumps off the screen!! I enjoyed my 5 minute trip to Berlin. thanks for sharing!!

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