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As part of ongoing renovations at Lincoln Center, a new water fountain has been installed in the center of the main plaza. This is no ordinary water fountain. As it runs through its cycle, the water rises higher and higher, increasingly becoming more dramatic. It looks like a beautifully choreographed dance.


The water is illuminated with colors of blue, red and purple, and a marble seating area surrounds the fountain. On a hot day, it promises to be a great place to sit and get misted when the water splashes down.

This remarkable water fountain was designed by WET, the company getting worldwide attention for its technology that creates new effects with water. Best known for the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, the company was recently hired to develop water features in the new City Center, designed by Frank Gehry. For this particular project, president and CEO of WET, Marc Fuller, wanted to stretch the limits of imagination and creativity even beyond previous projects.

One of the new water spectacles they created has been called, “The Kool-Aid Colored Fountain”, which uses special mirror effects to direct a variety of highly focused colors into the water. The effect is incredible because you can see the colored light even in the brilliant noonday sun of Las Vegas. Another WET installation in the City Center contains glacial ice sculptures which rise from metal rods located underneath a pool of water on the ground floor. Resembling giant popsicles, the ice sculptures are lit with various neon colors and gradually transform depending on the temperature inside the room.

WET is setting a new standard for the 21st century, using the latest technology to develop decorative water features that were never before possible… and putting smiles on the faces of fascinated onlookers.


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  1. Chris

    Those pictures of the fountain at Lincoln center are really exceptional. I love the way you captured the silhouettes.

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