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People shopping for a unique gift might find themselves amazed by these umbrellas being sold at If utilitarian objects could ever put a smile on peoples faces it would be these beautiful umbrellas.

These incredible umbrellas are designed by a personal friend of mine, Christopher Petsos, who has been a textile and product designer in New York City for over 15 years. Based on his photography and original illustrations, the images on the umbrellas include flowers, animals, insects and other wonders of the natural world. When some of the designs are held over your head it really feels like being sheltered under a giant flower. Not only are these colorful umbrellas wonderful to look at, but they’re well made with quality materials. Walk around with any one of these stylish umbrellas and prepare to receive a shower of compliments that will brighten any rainy day. – Will Bradford

To buy one of these umbrellas, visit 

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    i have the purple one!!!! it was raining the other day when i was leaving from work and i was sooo excited to finally use my new umbrella. there was a woman walking in front of me who didn’t have an umbrella at all–so, i offered to share mine with her. the first thing she said was wow this is such a beautiful umbrella–she was even more impressed when i told her where i got if from! i wish i had one of each–they are just so beautiful..

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  3. Sophie Sotiraki

    I think I recognize those umbrellas and I love them!! :)

  4. Maxine T. Garcia

    i want one!!!

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