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The little island with the big attitude

As the summer in northern countries draws to a close, there’s still plenty of time for jet-setters to get some great beach time…heading to the Mediterranean in September means the resort towns are still enjoying great weather, but the crowds of Europeans on summer holiday have headed back to their cities.

For sizzling summer fun, Mykonos is in a league of its own.


The sun splashed little Greek island attracts people from all over the world for it’s nightlife, beaches, cosmopolitan attitude, and stunning whitewashed villages. It first came on the radar of the jet set back in the 1960’s when Jackie Onassis frolicked here and the media took note of the unique ambience.

The intense and diverse nightlife of Mykonos has made it a mecca for young people desiring a sexy and uninhibited place to let loose. The beach bars and bustling clubs that stay open until dawn have become legendary. In fact, Cavo Paradiso, a club where the most famous DJs in the world come to spin, doesn’t get going until 4am. This makes sense in a place where most people are eating dinner between ten and midnight! The latest dance music sets the mood for an energizing and hypnotic party that never stops.

Part of the reason that Mykonos has developed this kind of party atmosphere is the layout of the town itself. Tiny interconnected streets create a maze of entertainment and dining options where no cars are needed…you just wander between bars, clubs, and restaurants all night without a care in the world.



All of this, in a tiny little village at the edge of the sea. In historical times the labyrinth of streets was created to confuse pirates; nowadays the twisting streets form one big playground for partying visitors. The buildings are all whitewashed with windows and doors trimmed in vivid colors. Bright blue is the traditional color the villagers used for this, but now you’ll see many other colors like lavender, crimson, lemon, or lime being used. The result is a place that looks good enough to eat, almost like a Candyland. Boutiques selling local art, designer clothes, and every kind of souvenir can be found along the charming little streets.


The perpetually clear sky and turquoise water make Mykonos a premier beach destination. Visitors have their choice of beaches, depending on whether they want a hardcore party scene or a more relaxing afternoon.

Super Paradise” Beach fits the bill for wild hedonism; it’s a great choice for those wanting beach bars, thumping music, and lots of fun. If you’re looking for a more secluded beach, Ai Giannis is a great choice. If you’re willing to go even more off the beaten path, Fokos Beach lies in an isolated cove with one lone taverna next to the calm blue water. Expect only be a handful of people there…everyone is blissed out and relaxed on sunshine and good food! You’ll feel like you’re part of a very good secret.

Lots of visitors to Mykonos rent motorbikes and scooters to zoom around the island, but if you’d like to play it safe you can easily walk anywhere you need to go. A short bus ride will bring you to most of the beaches quickly. There’s also the option to go sightseeing on foot, taking photographs of things like the Mykonos windmills, or the famous pelican, “Petros”, who hangs out at the harbor.

If you’re interested in exploring a first rate archeological site, a boat will take you to the island of Delos, which is about 2 km west of Mykonos. The island was a major trade post in ancient times and one of the most sacred religious centers in ancient Greece, believed to be the birthplace of the sun god Apollo. There you can see the legendary Great Temple of Apollo, built in 476 BC, learn about battle between Zeus and Titan, and explore the huge archeological remains of the city.


When it comes to finding accommodation, Mykonos has plenty of choices, but you need to book well in advance if you’re planning on visiting in July or August.

There’s a range of everything from exotic private villas to simple but clean studio rooms. If you’re looking for a 5 star experience, you might visit The Belvedere Hotel, just a short walk from the center of town.

Go in the evening, after you return from the beach…there’s a multilevel pool area that overlooks the hillsides, village, and the sea. Sit back with a Bellini or chocolate martini, and you’re guaranteed to make some new friends while watching the dazzling Aegean sunset.

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  1. Chris

    Having recently been there, I can say Mykonos is as beautiful and fabulous as ever! Lots of fun from morning to night. It’s definitely more expensive than the other Greek islands (except Santorini) but it’s well worth it. I also love that Mykonos is not overrun by baby strollers the way Ibiza has become….this is still an adults’ playground and totally unique in the world.

  2. zoom cherry

    Yasou Will!!!
    I m so happy to visit your web,everything is just beautyful to see and read!!
    I love it!Great job…i m very impatient to discover your next trip and article!!!!
    I m so happy to know your gorgeous world!!

  3. Minxie Van Stone

    c’est inspirational!!!!

  4. Lysh Genius

    ‎*sigh* you know how to live sir…wish i were there! the Mediterranean is the most beautiful places on earth

  5. Kunthalee Vera Rogers

    sexy picture!!!!!!!!(but in an artistic way!) :)

  6. Lysh Genius

    *sigh* you know how to live sir…wish i were there! the Mediterranean is the most beautiful places on earth

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