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Ghosts of Andy Warhol’s Circle Come Alive at MoMA

Categories: Style

It may come as a surprise to many people that Andy Warhol, widely recognized for his iconic portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's soup paintings, also explored the medium of black and white film. Screen tests that he shot during the 1960's can now be seen at an exhibit called "Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures" at the Modern Museum of Art (MoMA). The most interesting part of the exhibit is the main room, which features twelve 7' by 9' moving portraits projected on silver ... Read More

Bold New Tower Stirs the Pot in Hell’s Kitchen

Categories: Design

In a time when most real estate developers in New York City are cutting costs to increase short-term profits, there is a small but growing movement towards creating urban spaces that are more livable and environmentally friendly. The design for a new residential building, called West 57th, has caused quite a bit of controversy because of the way it would seamlessly merge European and American styles of architecture into something truly unique. From the northeast it looks like a sharp and steep ... Read More