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Spain Invests in the Future with New High Speed Trains

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Despite current economic woes, Spain is fearlessly moving toward the future by investing $130 billion in high-speed trains. The Alta Velocidad Española or AVE --which means "bird" in Spanish has reduced travel times by nearly three-fold. According to officials, Spain plans to have the high-speed train system networked throughout the entire country by 2020, rivaling high-speed train systems in China and France. Spain is hoping that its investment in high-speed trains over the next decade will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions over the long ... Read More

Martin Jetpack Takes Travel to New Heights

Categories: Travel

It's always exciting when technological advances give people the ability to travel in new ways. I'm extremely excited after learning about the world's first commercial jet pack, which is powered by dual propellers that could elevate users high into the air. The jet pack was invented by New Zealander Glenn Martin and unveiled last July.  The device is 5 feet in length by 5 1/2 feet in width and weighs about 250 pounds. One of the biggest concerns, of course, is safety. The ... Read More