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The exciting annual event Open House New York is taking place this weekend, October 10th and 11th.

Hundreds of notable buildings across the city open their doors, allowing people to enter places that are normally closed to the public. This is a chance to see such beautiful spaces as the lobby of the Chrysler building or the Grand Lodge of Masons on 23rd street, along with hundreds of other architectural masterpieces.

This event is modeled after similar events that take place in cities such as London and Toronto.

We have so many amazing buildings in New York that few of us are ever able to enter. The situation worsened after 9/11, when security conscious building owners and companies started to limit public access even more. Gorgeous lobbies and interior spaces are only open to the people who work in them, so the rest of us have to be satisfied with a quick look through glass doors or over the shoulder of a security guard. That’s why Open House New York is such a treat for a couple of days were able to enter these buildings and enjoy the incredible beauty that goes mostly unseen during the rest of the year.

TheĀ OHNY website has listings of all the sites that are available for entry, and if you have a particular building you’ve always been curious about, you can search for it to see if it’s part of the program.

If you’re going to be in the New York area this weekend , grab your camera and enjoy this special opportunity! – Will Bradford

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