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Traveling is always exciting, but especially in a place like New York City, where inspiration pours out of practically every corner. One of the destinations you must check out is Grand Central Terminal, through which thousands of people from all over the world pass each day. Built in the 1903, Grand Central Terminal has more international visitors than any other New York historical landmark.

Although I’m usually anxious to get home after a long days work, I recently decided to take a moment to capture some images of people traveling to their various destinations. I also wanted to photograph some of the old architectural treasures inside the building, such as the famous clock located in the main waiting room and an eerily beautiful crystal tree suspended from the ceiling of the food market.

However, my attention was stolen by the ceiling of the main reading room, where I noticed there were various constellations of the zodiac elaborately illustrated, including the winged steed Pegasus who is one of my favorite mythological creatures. I decided to research more about the history of Grand Central Terminal’s ceiling when I got home. Originally created in 1912 by Frenchman Paul C√©zanne¬†Helleu, the representation of astrological signs and symbols had been covered in soot and grime for many years. After the layers of accumulated grime were removed as part of a building wide restoration, the owners discovered the true beauty of the ceiling which had been hidden for so long. To everyone’s amazement, a brilliant turquoise color like the pristine Mediterranean Sea was revealed. Lights were installed at the positions of the stars to create a dream-like celestial appearance.

Can you believe that at one point the city planners actually contemplating tearing down this historical landmark? It would have been a disastrous repeat of one of the most terrible demolitions in New York history, the tearing down of the original Penn Station. Only through determined protests, led in part by Jackie Onassis, was such a crime prevented.

Today, visitors who are looking for a boost of inspiration while passing through Grand Central Terminal should take a moment to look up at the ceiling, and reflect on the many wonderful treasures New York City has to offer!

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