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While exploring the virtual realm, I had the opportunity to interview celebrated singer Kim Seifert and ask her a¬†few questions about the 3d social networking site called ‘Second Life’ and if it has expanded the possibilities of who is likely to attain fame and success in the music industry. Kim also discussed the thought-process she had while choosing the physical appearance of her avatar and the advantages that come with being a celebrity in the virtual world versus one in the real world. Below in the complete transcript of our interview. Enjoy!

Does your avatar resemble your real life self? If not, how is it different? Yes it does. The only difference really is that my avatar is much shapelier.

Would you ever experiment further with strange skin colors or other apperances non-typical of celebrities in real life? Sure!

Do you have any friends and/or colleagues who have chosen to make their avatars different from their actual self? Yes I do.

There’s so much pressure for celebrities in real life to be thin/muscular. When you were deciding about making your avatar did you consider making your avatar extra thin/muscular? Of course!

Since celebrities in real life often have pressure to continually update their appearance, do you think that you will need to regularly update your avatar or would you rather have a signature look that remains the same? I have a signature look that I will have remain the same. It is as close to my personal appearance as I can get and do not want to change.

How about getting older? Do you think that you’ll want your avatar to age with you?Absolutely not! Why get old if I don’t have to.

Does your avatar try to fulfill the same standards of physical beauty that traditional Hollywood, or other venues, consider marketable and likely to facilitate fame? I do not think a SL celebrity’s avatar facilitates fame, at least as far as SL live music is concerned. Here, everyone can be gorgeous so that isn’t what attracts an SL audience. What makes a SL celebrity famous is their ability to entertain and that can come from personality and talent alone.

What kinds of ways do you try to get exposure and publicity in Second life? How is it different from real life? I answer questions from reporters if I am asked. I send out promo packages with pictures, website info, music information, etc. to those folks that stage me at their venues.

How has your career changed since having an avatar in Second Life? I went from being a part time paralegal outside of the home to being a full time musician and I do not work outside of the home anymore.

What do you think about the conventional means of attaining celebrity compared to that of SL? Do you feel conventional means of celebrity in the real world are limited? Yes I do believe that conventional means of attaining celebrity are limited in the real world. The real world only gets to see those celebrities that are backed with enough money to market them. In SL, celebrity status comes from the ability of the celebrity to entertain, not from how much money he/she has or what they look like or who is backing them.

Do you think virtual reality will enable people of more diverse backrounds to become celebrities to a greater extent than their opportunities in the real world? Absolutely ! I am a prime example of that. SL has given me the opportunity to showcase my talents where I would not have that opportunity in the real world due to economic constraints, age, etc. Also, SL provides a platform to collaborate on a global scale. For instance, my original songs are composed by me but the music played to back them is performed and recorded by people from other countries and other states in the US. So a piano player from Denmark gets exposure all around the world because of my singing and because of SL. Neither of us could dream of having these oportunities in the real world.

Well thats all the questions I had. Thank You for taking the time. If your at the virtual conference, I’ll see you there.

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