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After watching ‘In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great‘ hosted by British documentarian Michael Wood, I have been inspired to continue traveling around the world and venturing off into far away lands. Even though I had heard of Alexander the Great before I had never known the magnitude of his endeavors. Michael takes you on a journey from Egypt, Greece, Afghanistan and India, looking at old maps, ancient landmarks, and other interesting scenes and sites where Alexander the Great left his mark making this is an excellent documentary for anyone looking to learn more about history or travel in general. Michael met with many of the local people in each site. The documentary reveals a variety of interesting points of view from the various people he interviews. In the video, it is also apparent that Michael Wood is very passionate and goes to great lengths to grasp every single detail of what life must of been like for someone as brave and fearless as Alexander The Great. For all those interested, Michael Wood has other documentaries on India and East Asia that are equally as fascinating. – Will Bradford

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