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Living the High Line

Categories: Design

June 8th marked the official opening of the High Line and since then the park has had over 100,000 visitors. The High Line gives tourists a chance to explore the city without the intrusion of cars. The view is especially spectacular for photographers who have a passion for capturing new perspectives of New York City. The elevated tracks were originally built in the 1930's by the New York City Railroad company and were a part of the West Side Line. The railroad tracks ... Read More

Interview with Kim Seifert: Talking Music in the Virtual Realm

Categories: Travel

While exploring the virtual realm, I had the opportunity to interview celebrated singer Kim Seifert and ask her a few questions about the 3d social networking site called 'Second Life' and if it has expanded the possibilities of who is likely to attain fame and success in the music industry. Kim also discussed the thought-process she had while choosing the physical appearance of her avatar and the advantages that come with being a celebrity in the virtual world versus one in the real ... Read More

Uganda: A View from the Field

Categories: Travel

I love Uganda. It's a beautiful country with fantastic natural scenery and some of the friendliest people on earth! Ugandans are intriguing people who are very dedicated to their country. Their ability to work together toward a common goal and move on from a history of military tyranny, tribal animosity and politicians gone mad on power is inspiring and admirable. Despite the horrors of the past, Ugandans have weathered the storm remarkably well. You will not meet a sullen, bitter or cowed ... Read More

Documentarian Fearlessly Follows Alexander The Great

Categories: Travel

After watching 'In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great' hosted by British documentarian Michael Wood, I have been inspired to continue traveling around the world and venturing off into far away lands. Even though I had heard of Alexander the Great before I had never known the magnitude of his endeavors. Michael takes you on a journey from Egypt, Greece, Afghanistan and India, looking at old maps, ancient landmarks, and other interesting scenes and sites where Alexander the Great left his mark ... Read More